Nov 3, 2022 / by Katrin Douverne / In Allgemein / Leave a comment

SUSTAINAMENTALS® in our Region – Support for the CLIMB Learning vacations in Offenbach

Since 2022, we have been accompanying and supporting the non-profit social enterprise climb from Hamburg, which uses a very successful strengths concept to teach children from structurally weak neighborhoods to enjoy learning and to develop important future skills such as teamwork, consideration and perseverance.

We have experienced the impressive way in which children can be motivated to rise above themselves in a short time. The appreciative climate and the focus on the individual strengths of the children guarantee sustainable learning success.

We will continue to support CLIMB and are already looking forward to inviting the children from Offenbach to spend time with us at the Main Tower and admire their courage in climbing one of the tallest buildings in Europe.

You can also donate directly here for this good cause.

With your donation you support our core values of equal opportunities, responsibility, community, and education. Your donation will reach the people in need directly on site and lend impact to the great efforts of the teachers and volunteers.