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Private Banking Magazin – “Disguised and neglected: The success of Small Caps”

“Disguised and neglected” is how “private banking magazine” titled the guest contribution of our portfolio managers, Christoph Benner and Benedikt Kirsch, on “European Small Caps”. The occasion was the launch of our new fund (09/18). CHOM CAPITAL PURE Small Cap Europe UI (WKN: A2J F7P)

Contrary to the popular belief that small caps have greater growth potential but are significantly more risky, the authors identify significant advantages over large caps. The analysis surprises with the fact that small caps not only offer higher returns during normal holding periods, but are also superior on the risk side and can even better diversify their portfolio than large caps. Details on this and why these benefits can not be found in all small cap funds can be found in the following article:

Article „private banking magazin“